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Help! COVID Stole My HOME!

I don't remember that big crack in the driveway, or the boards on my second story deck showing they can now do the wave. A year and a half ago, I came home meeting the kids and the dogs at the door and slipping into a warm bath, finishing up dinner, cleaning the kitchen up and sitting out on the deck with a cup of hot tea to enjoy the sun going down. That seems like forever ago! When it was announced that the kids would be doing school from home, I decided it was time to work from home. This is gonna be GREAT! Spending time with the kids, working together in the home that we loved from the moment we set eyes on it.

The first couple weeks we started getting into a groove of working together to get work done, school work done, then focus in on family time. This was going just as planned! The house had never been so clean and I was preparing more meals at home. Little did I know how short lived that would really be.

By the time summer came around, I was starting to be annoyed at my office walls being so seemingly bare. Little by little did I start to feel like the life in my home had taken on its own persona. I longed for a place to get some shade on my deck while the kids played below. The kitchen was starting to seem outdated from the new ideas popping up on the web. Each day that I was home, something else would lead me to the decision- COVID is STEALING the JOY in my HOME.

I knew I needed a change, but didn't even know where to begin. I loved my neighbors, loved our school district- I just needed to bring someone in to help me LOVE my HOME again.

I never understood the power of beauty in change. Now a year later, I have a beautiful outdoor space with maintenance free decking and a pergola.

Next year, I am ready to update my kitchen and master bath. Working from home is inevitable, COVID is unpredictable, but I can love being home again.

SCL Construction strives to do just that! Whether you are dreaming of NEW Construction, remodeling your kitchen or bath, adding a new deck, pergolas, or just wanting to find a new way to love your home- they can do it ALL. Just give them a call to make that dream a reality.

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